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by saewel

tools: pencils, black pen, deleter.

do not repost it [on Tumblr, WeHeartIt, etc].

don’t be an ass.

I’m the source here since I can~ 

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Here’s the cleaned up version for the cover of STUPPY MAGAZINE feat. Ruki. There may be some mistakes with the hat so I apologize for that. Decided to release it for anyone else to use in edits instead of just my personal use.

Just don’t claim you cleaned it up k. I didn’t do any adjustment changes to it, just simply cleaned it up.

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Reblog this if it is okay to come to you and just vent my heart out, cry to you, yell to you, or just chat with you. We are all in need of somebody to talk to.
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Aoi Guitar Collection

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I'm lovin' it ♪ - Aoi version
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[8 May 2012]

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Sounds like he’s saying “Aoi” but he’s not